VERB: to attach, append, or ADD, especially to something larger or more IMPORTANT.
A new kind of gym, a functional fitness training studio out of Long Beach, CA

    Living fit, healthy and pain free shouldn't be a full-time job. Just a few workouts a week and some simple diet tweaks can have you experiencing life to its fullest. For an athlete looking to improve for a sport, or a mom that wants keep up with her kids and look great doing it, we believe The Annex can help ADD healthy living to what is most IMPORTANT in your life.


    Eating is half the battle. Knowing what and when to eat is the key to increasing energy, strength, stamina and happiness.


    What does sleep have to do with it? Everything... Proper sleep is essential to muscle recovery, brain function and mood.

  • Training

    Exercise is essential for your body, mind and soul. Humans are made to run, jump, climb, lift and play. Time to get moving.


Customized programming focuses on simple fitness pillars

MetCon is short for Metabolic Conditioning. The Annex uses a mix of cardio exercises such as running, biking, skiing and rowing, with classic resistance weight training using elements like kettelbells and dumbbells. Add some body weight calisthenics/fundamental gymnastics and you have a fast pace, heart pounding, full body workout.


We believe that strength is a large part of keeping your body healthy, pain free and looking its best. For this reason, we have created a very unique strength program that goes hand in hand with our baseline classes. Whether your goal is to improve your physique, increase your squat, or just simply have the strength to pick up your kids, our strength program will get you there.


Stop hurting! You don’t have to live with pain and nagging injuries that limit your ability to live life to its fullest. Every class will incorporate mobility elements to increase flexibility, and better prepare your body for exercise and avoid injury and soreness. This is accomplished through dynamic stretching, myofascial release and Range of Motion Workouts (ROMWOD).

The Annex offers a robust class calendar with times that fit just about any busy schedule


We have multiple friendly packages for you. Check them out below and choose the right one for you.


Monthly Plans From:


  • Unlimited Plus membership gives all access to our unique group classes including
  • Annex Baseline
  • Strength / Barbell
  • Bootcamp
  • + More


Pay-Per-Class Starting At:


  • A Punch Card is great for those who want to add The Annex to their program a few times a month.
  • Annex Baseline
  • Strength
  • Bootcamp
  • Great as a gift


Personal Training:


  • A personal trainer is a great option for individuals with specific goals and need extra motivation and personal attention
  • Weight Loss
  • Custom Fitness Program
  • Nutrition Coaching

The Trainers

Our staff is highly experiences and super motivated to help you reach your goals fast!
Head Coach / Trainer
With 10 years of coaching and athletic programming experience gained from competing and training at the most elite levels of multiple sports (Ice hockey, CrossFit, and Olympic Weightlifting to name a few), she has developed many unique training techniques and strategies that make her a very powerful athlete as well as a extremely knowledgeable and devoted coach.
Trainer / Bootcamp
Brian “Be_More_Fit” Montano is a experienced personal trainer and group fitness coach from the LA area. Brian has created a very popular bootcamp program for The Annex. Brian is also a fantastic personal trainer and a tremendously strong power lifter and body builder.
Gabe Rodriguez
Gabe Rodriguez
Coach / Trainer
Rodriguez is a kinesiology student at Long Beach State University in his final year. Gabe has been an apprentice with The Annex/Intersect for over a year where he has become a very educated and motivating coach and athlete.

Try a class

We would love to show you around and give you a group class on us. Let us know what time works best for you!